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 JamBand Testimonials 

What our students say . . .

Justin really made the program work on so many levels. His musical judgement and feedback were always right on the money and his ability to fill in parts when players were missing from the group for a single session or the entire program made things roll smoothly through the inevitable personal shortages from time to time.


He always made himself available to answer questions that came up even outside of the regular program hours so we didn’t have to waste time covering simple problems that could be ironed out before a session.

His insights into the personality conflicts that can occur when you try to get a group of adults all working on a common goal. Not everyone is in alignment all the time and he was able to head off challenges in this regard before they got in the way of progress. 

JamBand has been an amazing experience for my sons. Not only have they learned how to play together in a band, they’ve learned how to be a band. This includes making group decisions on music selection, arrangement, among other things. Frankly, these are not just skills needed to be a musician, but skills to live a productive life. And their confidence as a result is truly noteworthy.

Learning to play in an environment where it’s truly a group effort and you depend on one another has been such a memorable experience for our son. Can’t say enough!

I really enjoyed the JamBand experience. It provided me the opportunity to be a part of a band, a dream that I have had for years. Justin is a real pro, encouraging and helpful. This program provided me the platform to push myself outside of my comfort zone and not only play guitar in front of an audience, but for the first time sing in public. I’ll be back again next season.

A wonderful program! I would recommend it for anyone looking to get into a band or to learn how to perform as a band. A great and supportive environment which always helps given how hard it can be to put yourself out there. A truly exceptional experience. I’ll be back. (Adult Jammer for 4 years and counting)

I have been involved in the jam band program since its inception. It is an amazing opportunity to learn how to play with other musicians and the staff and band coach are very supportive and encouraging! Through this program you also get to play live gigs at local establishments. If you want to try playing in a band this is the place to start. (Adult Jammer for 7 years and counting)

Being a part of AMS Jam bands is a wonderful experience because you get to practice some already written songs, or you can make one up with your bandmates, and then present to the crowd what you band has accomplished for the last few months.

Wow, it has been an amazing experience. My bandmates and coach are absolutely fabulous (and entertaining). It has been another wonderful year. Playing in JamBand rocks!  I LOVE JamBand! (Student Jammer for 4 years and counting)

I thoroughly enjoy the Jam Band program at Alcorn. When I first joined I didn’t have a band but the band coach put together a bunch of musicians and now not only do I have awesome band mates but lifelong friends as well! (Adult Jammer for 5 years)

I really enjoy the fact that we get to play at gigs that are set up by Alcorn. This allowed us to grow as musicians and now we play outside of Alcorn at other venues. Alcorn promotes a very friendly and non-judgemental environment. If you want to get out of the basement and play with a band Alcorn is the place to go! (Adult Jammer for 5 years)

The last 3 months have been quite the ride, I had no band band experience going in, and came out of it with a new skill set. It was a very enriching experience, and great credit should go to Justin for all the pain staking work, and all the extra hours he spent with us. I tip my hat to him. Matching people together in compatible groups is no small feat.


It is a well run program, and the end of sessions concerts are worth their weight in gold.

The JamBand program at Alcorn Music Studio is a gateway. Whether you’re coming from practicing in the basement, maybe from campfires jams, or even if you’ve just started on your instrument, Justin and the band program will guide you in short order to playing on stage with a band. You will then be kicking yourself that you hadn’t done this sooner.

The atmosphere that Justin creates is relaxed, yet professional. The feedback you receive is supportive, yet honest. We’ve learned to play a set of music, but have also seen the importance of designing a set list and the overall presentation. There is opportunity as well to learn as much technical information that you want: using effects, amplifier settings, stage layout, monitor placement, … just ask, and you will receive!

Great program! I just wanted to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed the program. It is truly the bright light in our musical lives and has been the cornerstone in our live and instrumental musical development. The studio practice facilities are the best we’ve ever had and the live Show at the end of each session has been a blast.

We have really enjoyed having Justin coach and mentor us. His musical insight and support has made us better performers and musicians.

The process of working with and supporting each other towards a common goal is what I came to value most thru the Jam Band program. I experienced genuine invaluable moments of personal growth. It was at times somewhat challenging yet so very rewarding!

Jam Band is ran by wonderful people who want to share and promote the love of music into the community. They’ve managed to create a very non-intimidating and encouraging environment where all are welcomed irrespective of age or level of musicianship.


‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ – as the saying goes.

If I had to highlight one take away from the Jam Band experience working with other musicians is the realization that if we’re there solely for selfish reasons then its just a house of cards. Being as supportive as we all were with each other really underscores a deeper purpose of being there. Personally, I feel that I’m a better person for it.

Jam Band is a great way to get out and meet other musicians. Highlight for me is the showcase performances. They are an opportunity to challenge yourself and have fun while doing it. All in all certainly a positive experience!

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