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Nawfel  Djari

Hello there! My name is Nawfel, I'm a classical composer, teacher, violist, violinist, studio engineer, artist, poet and writer. I really think that technique and passion are what make a good musician. As well as being a good person!


I teach violin, viola, double bass, cello, piano, ukulele, and music theory.

I like to focus on technique development, through supportive and inspirational teaching methods, to bring the best out of my students. I am happy to share that my students have gone off to begin careers in music, win competitions, complete exams and join orchestra around Ottawa and Montreal. 

I'm originally a classical violist. Having performed and toured with orchestras in Leipzig, Prague, Berlin, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa - I have learned a lot about pedagogy, and performance practice. I have studied with major professors around the world in Viola, Violin and conducting. And I hope to share my knowledge and experience with those who study with me.