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Ramel Bautista

Ramel Bautista has been teaching for over 8 years. During this time he developed an instructional approach that stems from learning to love music first, and showing that love through playing.

Ramel enjoys guitar tremendously due to it's versatility and it's dynamic range which lends itself to many musical genres. 

Ramel has studied with Garry Elliot, Tim Bedner and Don Ross and recently returned to complete his Bachelor of Music degree at Carleton University graduating in 2024.


Ramel's expertise is in fingerstyle and jazz guitar yet is his versatility ranges from jazz big band, guitar quartets, singer-songwriter duos and afro-Cuban music.


Ramel is a multi-instrumentalist and has cultivated repertoire for guitar, piano, ukulele, drums and bass.


Ramel teaches guitar, ukulele & bass to students of all ages.



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