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Voice. Piano. Songwriting

Edra Silva sq.jpg

Edra Silva guitar ukulele piano voice songwriting

Edra teaches voice in a variety of styles to students of every age. Edra also teaches piano, guitar, ukulele and songwriting.

Elise Letourneau new.jpg

Elise Letourneau voice piano ukulele flute songwriting

Elise teaches jazz piano, as well as classical and jazz theory. She specializes in jazz and soul in addition to contemporary and classical styles. Elise teaches intermediate to advanced students, and coaches vocalists interested in building a repertoire.

Elizabeth Bruce.jpg

Elizabeth Bruce voice piano songwriting

Elizabeth teaches voice, piano and song writing in a variety of styles including classical, contemporary, folk, pop, and broadway.  She also teaches music theory and RCM to students of all ages. 

LIndseySikor new.jpg

Lindsey Sikora voice piano

Lindsey teaches voice and piano and music theory to students of all ages. Styles include contemporary, classical and broadway. She also teaches music theory,  RCM, and Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms.

Nawfel Djari.jpg

Nawfel Djari piano violin viola cello bass guitar ukulele

Nawfel teaches beginner to intermediate piano in addition to violin and viola.

Aiden Russell sqaure photo.jpg

Aiden Russell piano cello

Adien teaches beginner to intermediate/advanced piano in addition to cello.

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