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Ross Morgan

Ross Morgan, is an Ottawa-based jazz guitarist, and an awarded composer and arranger. He is carving an inspiring path within the Canadian music scene with his distinctive musical voice and traditional sound.

Originally from the rural town of Richmond, Ontario, Ross's musical journey commenced with an exploration of 70's folk and soul, eventually leading him to discover a passion for jazz after first hearing Ed Bickert's "At The Garden Party." His pursuit of musical excellence brought him to Toronto, where he graduated from Humber College with a specialization in guitar performance and music production.

Ross’ debut EP, "Migration," stands as a testament to his unique amalgamation of jazz artistry with folk influences. Drawing inspiration from iconic jazz guitarists like Jim Hall, Pat Martino, and Ed Bickert, his compositions intertwine the essence of modern jazz with folk sensibilities, creating a sound that is uniquely his own. This is most notable on his track “Northwest Passage” by Stan Rogers, which showcases Ross's intricate guitar work and arranging. Ross's creative process begins with prioritizing melody and then re-imagining the harmonic and rhythmic elements, using contrast to embark on vast musical explorations.

When teaching, Ross seeks to "demystify" the guitar by making beautiful sounding chords simple and adapting his approach based on the individuals needs. He believes in removing barriers to learning and getting inspiration from guitar heroes to help you find your musical voice. Music should be accessible, and never mind-boggling.


Migration - Ross Morgan

Present Perfect Continuous – Peter Holbrook

TJ & The Crew –TJ Campbell

Live at HorseshoeTavern - Lemon Lime

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TJ and The Crew at TUJF

Northwest Passage Solo Guitar

The Way You Look Tonight (2019)

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