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Ross Morgan

Ross plays and teaches a variety of styles like folk, pop, rock, and R&B. He loves to get beginner players strumming along to their favourite songs in no time. He uses an applied approach to music theory that is perfectly suited to adults who want to better understand the songs that they love.


When teaching, Ross seeks to "demystify" the guitar by making chords simple and adapting his approach based on the individual's needs.

Ross believes in removing barriers to learning and getting inspiration from guitar heroes to help you find your musical voice. Music should be accessible, and never mind-boggling.


Ross Morgan, is an Ottawa-based guitarist, and an awarded composer and arranger. Originally from the rural town of Richmond, Ontario, Ross's musical journey commenced with an exploration of 70's folk and soul, eventually leading him to discover a passion for jazz. He is a  graduate of Humber College with a specialization in guitar performance and music production.


Migration - Ross Morgan

Present Perfect Continuous – Peter Holbrook

TJ & The Crew –TJ Campbell

Live at HorseshoeTavern - Lemon Lime

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TJ and The Crew at TUJF

Northwest Passage Solo Guitar

The Way You Look Tonight (2019)

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