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Hanna Kent

Hannah is a multi-instrumentalist and classical musician who has dedicated her life to music education. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in music education from the Crane School of Music with emphasis on strings and piano. 


As an active educator, Hannah has experience in a wide array of teaching settings such as being a public school orchestra teacher, a private music instructor, and experience as a luthier. Hannah has also worked extensively alongside students with special needs, and finds this to be both extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Teaching a number of instruments including beginner to intermediate violin, viola, bass, beginner ukulele and guitar, and all levels of piano and cello, she has a deep pedagogical understanding of how to best meet her students' needs.


Hannah's teaching philosophy is heavily rooted in making music an experiential journey. She encourages students to be more inquiry based and provides guided instruction rather than direct. Hannah believes that this teaching has allowed her students to use knowledge that they have learned previously and apply that to further learning. She is comfortable preparing students for RCM and competitions such as Kiwanis. 


In her free time, Hannah enjoys biking, hiking, rock climbing and playing video games. She also enjoys hanging out with her cats and trying new foods. 

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