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Lesson Prices

Private lesson prices vary depending on the instructor:

  • $35 to $37 for thirty minutes

  • $64 to $68 for sixty minutes

Group lesson prices vary and are posted within the course description.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?
If you are unsure whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student our music instructors will be happy to assess you at the first lesson.


Generally grade four or five Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada will be considered intermediate.


Grade 6 and above will be considered advanced as well as students preparing for University auditions, studying composition & theory at the University level.

Contactless Payment Options:

Online lessons:

You will be invoiced to your email. Payment options either online with credit card, or send an e-transfer to


In-house lessons:
All lessons are paid in advance; this reserves your lesson day and time.
Payment options:
–  monthly invoices emailed at the beginning of each month. Paid online or via e-transfer.
– we can set up a recurring credit card payment for the beginning of each month and email you the invoice/receipt. – this is out most popular option!
– we no longer accept credit/debit in person since transferring our business online due to the two year Covid-19 mandated closure.
– we do accept cash or cheques in person

Our Policies

Alcorn Music Studios is a local, independently owned, community based music school.

We contract the finest music instructors and respectfully provide a guarantee of payment for all lessons that are booked. Payment reserves the day and time for your lesson.

In order to maintain this high standard of quality music education for our students, Alcorn Music Studios has implemented a “no cancellation” policy. This includes group lessons. 

This policy enables us to provide our instructors with a steady and predictable income that does not fluctuate from week to week.

We do understand that occasionally sports events, projects, homework, exams, birthdays, travel, or illness will conflict with music lessons but we do not offer refunds or lesson credits.

If the teachers’ schedule permits, we can occasionally offer an alternate lesson time that same day or week, or permanently move the regular lesson time.

Please do not attend lessons if you are ill as contagions can jeopardize our instructors ability to work.

In the event of an instructor being absent, and a substitute teacher is not available, the cancelled lesson will be added as a credit to the next month.

For adult private music students, we offer some flexibility for lesson cancellation with a minimum of 24 hrs. notice.  Same day lesson cancellations result in a charge for the lesson reservation is charged and the instructor is paid for their time. We recommend drop in lessons to accommodate infrequent lessons or frequent cancellations.  


Please contact us for more information.

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