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#4 Your Song Notebook

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I have a special notebook for my song ideas. Sometimes it's just one or two words I like the sound of, or a feeling, or an image. Then when I have enough ideas stored up, I try to see what goes together. Usually two or three good ideas are enough to make up a song. The rest is just filler. But don't underestimate the filler! Sometimes it's the hardest part. How can you connect the good ideas with language that sounds natural, but also fits the melody and rhythm? All I can say is use a thesaurus, and edit edit edit. A thesaurus is a great tool for finding words you forgot or never knew in the first place. Just be that these new and exciting words really mean what you think they do (double check in the dictionary). Once you have some words that fit, sing them over and over to yourself. Does it really sound natural? Don't be afraid to change things. Don't be afraid to change them again and again until it sounds right!

Elizabeth Bruce - songwriting, voice & piano instructor

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