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photo by Susie Shapiro

Maura Volante

Rolling on with Hog’s Back Crew . .  a weekly singing jam, focusing on shanties and sea songs with Maura Volante

Location: Alcorn Music Studios, 953 Gladstone Avenue, 613-729- 0693

Day & Time: Mondays, 7 to 8:30 pm
Dates: 6 sessions: November 13 to December 18 

Age: Open to everyone 18 and up.
Fee: $120 If this is an obstacle to your participation,
please email Maura about a reduced fee.

To Register or for questions: Please email and provide your first and last name and phone number. Registration fee can be e-transferred to


We are continuing this weekly session we began in September! The new series is open to new folks as well as those who are already part of the crew.

Sea shanties and nautical folk songs are fun and easy for everyone to sing. They are particularly great for group singing. There is something exhilarating about bellowing a loud chorus with a bunch of other folks. It can make you feel truly alive.

Hog’s Back Crew is a weekly session at the awesome Alcorn Music Studios which has wonderful acoustics. Folks are invited to sing along on choruses that are taught orally. Maura is the main shanty leader, but everyone has opportunities to lead songs, teach them to others and add harmonies.

Attending every week, you inevitably gain confidence and musical skills, including listening, pitch control, breathing, blending and projection. You also learn how to follow by ear and memorize songs.


It is a singing course with a difference: you are learning how to sing folk songs. We don’t use musical notation. Shanties are easy to learn, as they are repetitive, rhyming and simple to understand.

Links to lyrics and recordings are provided to help you learn the songs at your leisure, and you are welcome to use recording devices at any time during the sessions to help you learn on your own.

Shanties are best sung with a raw, rough sound, so we don’t aim for perfection. Hog’s Back Crew is not a choir, but rather a bunch of people enjoying singing together, with songs that have been sung for centuries.

Click to learn more about Maura

Feel free to contact Maura for more information: Maura Volante


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