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Lucia  Iacovitti-Villeneuve

Lucia iacovitti-Villeneuve is an energetic and friendly music instructor who has extensive experience teaching vocal, guitar and beginner piano lessons. Lucia teaches vocals in a variety of styles such as jazz, musical theatre, and other contemporary genres, and also teaches singer/song-writing while combining proper vocal technique along with proper guitar technique and song-writing methods.

Having graduated from Carleton University’s Bachelor of Music (Honours) program with distinction, Lucia spent four years of her undergraduate degree studying Jazz Vocal Performance and took lessons in Jazz guitar styles to aid in self-accompaniment.


Presently Lucia is pursuing the next stage of her academic career in the Master of Music and Culture program at Carleton University while also working as a Teacher’s Assistant in university level music theory courses.

Throughout her music education, Lucia has had the opportunity to perform at a variety of different functions, such as the TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival alongside Juno Nominated Saxophonist Petr Cancura, and Carleton University’s 75th Anniversary Celebration at the beautiful Chateau Laurier.


Lucia has also been very fortunate to participate in a number of vocal masterclasses, some notedly conducted by Juno Award winners Jeri Brown and Kellylee Evans.

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