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Lesley-Ann Rowland

Lesley-Ann Rowland is a current student at the University of Ottawa, pursuing a music and biochemistry double degree, specializing in music education. She began playing trumpet at age nine and has a passion for trumpet instruction at all levels.

Lesley-Ann has been involved in all kinds of musical activities, including leadership and mentorship roles. In 2018, while at A.Y Jackson Secondary School, she managed and conducted a small orchestra created for a musical, followed by a performance at the Canada’s Capital Cappies gala. At the gala they won the best orchestra award, up against stiff competition from many Ottawa high schools. During the gala performance of A.Y Jackson’s nomination scene, Lesley-Ann had the privilege of conducting a professional orchestra contracted for the show on the National Arts Centre stage. The following year, she was invited to be one of a handful of student members of the gala orchestra.

She was also part of the Sea Cadet program from ages twelve to eighteen, where she rehearsed and performed in multiple wind ensembles and marching bands. In 2019, she served as Chief of music at HMCS Ontario summer training camp, where she mentored and taught cadets in group and individual settings.

Lesley-Ann plans to follow her studies by pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree, so that she can become a music teacher. She is comfortable teaching students of all ages and abilities. She has completed multiple RCM theory and trumpet levels, so she can readily assist in preparing students for these examinations. In her teaching, Lesley-Ann likes to focus on breathing and playing techniques, which create the proper fundamentals to advance on trumpet. If a student is struggling with a concept, she is able to adapt her teaching to ensure that the student will understand and improve.


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