Emily Baillie

Emily Baillie has been teaching piano and introductory music classes for 12 years. Her students range from young children to mature adults, and she offers instruction in English or French.

Emily has taught in a variety of formats, including private, semi-private, small group, daycare, and classroom instruction. She has also taught children's programs including Music for Young Children, J'apprends la musique, and Kiddly Winks. For advanced students, she uses Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada Classical and Contemporary Idioms Programs.

Regardless of the chosen curriculum, Emily is flexible and skilled in tailoring instruction to meet student goals, accounting for individual strengths and challenges. Emily has specialized predominantly in teaching young children, where her energizing, passionate, and contagious love for music shines through. She greatly enjoys building relationships with her students and helping to cultivate their own love of music.

Emily has completed her RCM Grade 8 Piano, and holds a B.A. (Hons.) Specialization in Music, and minor in French as a Second Language from the University of Ottawa.