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Adrian Matte's Jazz Combos are an opportunity for musicians to learn to play jazz in a fun and non-competitive environment. The focus is on improvisation and small group interaction playing standard jazz repertoire.

Although we play fewer tunes, and for longer periods of time, you’ll deepen your knowledge and ability to improvise over harmonic progressions that will reappear frequently in the standard jazz repertoire.

We also deal specifically with the great hurdle of actually playing over and through progressions, and not just chord by chord. You’ll be given exercises and “homework” that will keep you improving. Plus you learn more about your instrument’s role in a small jazz group and how to interact musically with your bandmates.

Admission is by friendly audition, simply to evaluate the student’s current playing level and long term musical goals to best match them to an ensemble. You’ll need to know your scales and chords, and just enough note reading to teach yourself a melody from a fakebook.


Session fee is $25 per week payable at the beginning of each month. For more info about the bands or to audition please contact Adrian Matte: adrianmatte  @ 

Bands rehearse on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM and 8:45 PM.


About the director:  Adrian Matte has been teaching and playing music professionally since finishing his university studies in 1996. His main instruments are guitar and saxophone. He started teaching jazz bands in 2008 at the Ottawa Folklore Centre, where he taught from 2001 to 2015.  In September of 2015 Adrian moved the jazz bands to Alcorn Music Studios and the rehearse in GigSpace Performance Studio.

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